What are state-shared revenues?2023-04-30T22:32:40+00:00

State-shared revenues are taxes already levied and collected by the State. A percentage of these taxes are allocated back to the local governments on a population basis. The state taxes are currently paid to Pinal County for the San Tan Valley population rather than a San Tan Valley municipality. If our community incorporates, the population’s share of state-shared revenues come directly to San Tan Valley for allocation and use by the locally elected council. Other incorporating municipalities have found their state-shared revenues generally cover the basic services of a newly incorporated municipality.

What is “local control” and why does it matter?2023-04-30T22:33:04+00:00

Having a municipal government means that your locally elected council members focus on your issues regarding economic development, patterns of growth, level of municipal services, and how to spend any tax revenues. Your council will always be focused on the direction you are giving it and only on projects within your community rather than the county-wide view required of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors that may allocate your proportionate state-shared revenues to a project in another part of Pinal County. You are the intended recipient of the government services funded by state-shared revenues, incorporation makes sure those revenues are spent in your community.

How will the money be raised to fund the incorporation effort?2023-04-30T22:25:55+00:00

STV Inc. 2024 is a non-profit organization that will be accepting donations from individuals and large sponsors alike to fund this effort to incorporate.

What are the benefits of incorporation?2023-04-30T22:41:24+00:00

Local government is closer and cares to the needs of the people best and incorporation would provide the municipality with the means of exercising greater control of:

  • Public services
  • Patterns of land use
  • Influencing and supporting economic development
  • Determining our community character and identity.

Also, state funds will no longer be sent to unknown county destinations and spread around to other unincorporated areas; they can now be focused solely on our area.

How will boundaries be decided?2023-04-30T22:22:18+00:00

Initially tentative boundaries will be based on population, proximity for services and surrounding jurisdictions. That said, between May and September 2023 community workshops will be held with surrounding municipalities and those homeowners, large landowners, and communities falling within these proposed boundaries for their feedback. Final incorporation boundaries will be drawn based on feedback received from this community outreach effort.

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