Date: February 22, 2024

Contact: Tyler Hudgins, Chairman – STV Inc.

San Tan Valley – STV Inc. joins Representative Neal Carter and Queen Creek Mayor Julia Wheatley in requesting that the state deliver on the promised funds for State Route 24.

Addressing transportation remains the single most important issue for the future of San Tan Valley.

Residents agree on this fact. A poll that was conducted by Pinal County Supervisor Mike Goodman’s office showed that over 2,000 residents not only supported incorporation by a vast majority but that transportation was their most essential priority – higher than public safety or any other issue.

“Typically public safety is the highest concern for residents in most communities, but this sentiment makes sense given that our roads remain an inherent public safety issue,” stated Chairman Tyler Hudgins. “With a population of 100,000 residents and continued rapid growth, the San Tan Valley incorporation committee underscores the critical importance of funding for SR-24 Freeway in ensuring the safety of our community members.”