Press Release: Updated San Tan Valley Incorporation Timeline


Date: April 8, 2024


Contact: Tyler Hudgins, STV Inc.


San Tan Valley – As the journey towards incorporation continues, STV Inc. announces significant progress in the effort to establish San Tan Valley as an independent municipality and an updated timeline on a historic vote for our future.


Spanning from October to present, we saw the finalization of map boundaries with metes and bounds through an official land survey, our board engaged in negotiations with Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) on critical pieces of state land, the Town of Queen Creek and City of Chandler announced their support of incorporation, and our board worked with the Town of Gilbert and City of Mesa on preparations for a future vote on incorporation.


As a result of Pinal County and ASLD working on land entitlements on critical pieces of state land and the number of months that process takes, STV Inc. has pushed the target election deadline from November 2024 to August 2025.


Tyler Hudgins, Chairman of STV Inc. stated, “Our board has never been interested in getting incorporation across the finish line just for the sake of getting it across the finish line. We would rather the process take longer and be done right by ensuring this critical land is included. By pushing our deadline back we are providing time for Pinal County and the Arizona State Land Department to complete the entitlements process. This land is vital for San Tan Valley’s future as it relates to needed space for commercial, mixed use, industrial and residential development.”


Our newly update map and updated timeline is attached below. The areas in green with diagonal lines are State Trust Lands that are being included.


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This committee is established by the following residents of San Tan Valley: Deborah Grett, Steve Walb, Jack Mauller, Buchanan Davis, Adrien Litton, Diane Combes, and Tyler Hudgins.





Updated Timeline


Phase 1

Committee Formation (April)

  • Formed Committee
  • Notified the Pinal County Board of Supervisors (BOS) of intent to incorporate.
  • Published copy of BOS notice to the public
  • Created proposed boundary map.

Phase 2

Community Outreach (May – September)

  • Recruited volunteers and formed committees.
  • STV Inc. met with neighboring community mayors and staff from all of the following:
    • Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Florence, and Coolidge
  • Obtained feedback from community through 6 community town hall events.

Phase 3

State Lands, Map Updates, and Early Municipal Support (October – December)

  • Successfully negotiated with the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) over key pieces of state lands within proposed map boundaries
  • Updated map boundaries to maintain two key pieces of state land for future commercial development.
  • Began the process of surveying map boundaries to get metes and bounds.
  • Queen Creek passed a resolution in support of incorporation unanimously (7-0).
  • Chandler provided a letter in support of incorporation.


Phase 4

Finalized Map Boundaries and Municipal Approvals (January – August 2024)

  • Finalized map boundaries with metes and bounds.
  • Gilbert and Mesa will vote on resolutions on incorporation.
  • Pinal County and ASLD finalize entitlement process of key state land pieces. 

Phase 5

Create Petition and Obtain Pinal County BOS Circulation Approval (August  – October 2024)

  • File petition and copy of public notice with Pinal County Recorder and/or the County elections department.
  • Pinal County Board of Supervisors authorization of circulation of incorporation petition.

Phase 6

Petition Drive (October 2024 – April 2025)

  • Seek to obtain signatures of 10% of qualified electors.


Phase 7

Approvals / Vote (April – August 2025)

  • Submit signed petitions to County BOS and Recorder for verification.
  • Pinal County Board of Supervisors Approval of petition and calls for election.

August 5, 2025:

Public Vote – if majority of qualified electors votes in favor of incorporation, then the BOS will enter an order declaring the community incorporated.